American Airlines Announces Future Purchases

This announcement came out days after Investor Day, with an outlook to both the legacy and regional side of American Airlines. I know many individuals were expecting American to look more into widebodies, but they are going with the narrow side of things.




I was talking to some AA guys whilst I was jumpseating this past week, and there was lots of talk about this upcoming order. I’m still hoping there could be some hidden A350’s and other widebody orders coming soon!

Also 90 E175’s! Envoy just announced 12 more for 2025 on top of the previous 20+ we had already announced for 2024. And with an order that large for American, I doubt we stay as the only WO to operate the E175 :eyes:



While the wish for widebodies continue, American used to operate the A330, then retired the fleet in 2020. I wouldn’t be surprised if they wouldn’t start looking at purchasing some newer widebodies come 2030 if the market demands them. The only thing I saw regarding the purchase was up to 2030. I wouldn’t be surprised if American wouldn’t maybe consider dipping into the A220 market for the regional flying…

Until I see a checkride, type rating in hand, and I’m sitting in the seat of an E175, it’s all gossip. :slight_smile:


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I would not complain about A220’s at all. Alternatively, American could bring back their E190’s and have 2500+ WO pilots already typed in it.

Hi, here’s some more insight into AA route/fleet strategy…


Very interesting read… thanks for sharing this article.


Now let’s see if Boeing can get it together to get the aircraft orders fulfilled in a timely manner…


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One thing they pointed out was that there are no aircraft retirements planned through 2030. That bodes well for the pilots on property and future hires.

In addition to these orders just announced, they still have 50 A321XLRs starting deliveries in 2025(assuming it gets certified by then). Yes, they are also narrowbodies but they were purchased to serve smaller international cities with premium demand, offering 1x1 lie flat business class seating and a 2x2 premium economy section as well. Those are seats you would normally only see on an AA widebody. The XLR fleet will, in part, replace the A321T sub-fleet currently dedicated to JFK-LAX/SFO/SNA. But even more important is that it will also be used to fly from PHL to some of the smaller European cities that used to be served by the 757, and some new ones (hopefully), as well as being able to offer some DFW and MIA flights into South America that don’t currently have the yields to justify a widebody.

They are also getting 30 more 787-9’s with the new business class suites with privacy doors and a whole new interior design than the existing 787s. So basically, along with the 170 new narrowbody Airbus and Boeings just announced, we will also be seeing 80 more premium service aircraft (XLRs + 789s) coming in the next 5 years or so. All without a reduction in fleet count.

There needs to be plan for the 777-200 fleet, though, since over 50% of the 47 were delivered new in 1999-2001 timeframe. This is why I believe there will be another widebody announcement in the coming years.


It’ll be interesting to see what happens over the next decade… the market is unpredictable sometimes!