Embry Riddle?

Hello all, this is my first post but so far I have enjoyed reading all the great content from everyone. I am sorry if this has been asked before, but just looking for some clarification or direction in my current plan. I think I am on the right course but always helps to get clarification from professionals. I am currently working on my private pilot certificate at a local 141 flight school in wisconsin. I have 2 associates degrees in business management and marketing. I plan on finishing all my certificates with this 141 school and then work as a flight instructor in the area. I would like to get my bachelors degree online and would like any suggestions? I have been looking at Embry Riddle for the Aeronautical Science degree. I have seen UVU offers similar courses. I would like a good reputable college that isn’t going to cost a ton. Is this something I should start now while training or will it be too much ? Any insight is much appreciated .


I think your plan is workable, but I have to ask, what is the motivation for continuing your flight training at the local school? I would look for an accelerated program that can help you get flight instructing and thus to the airlines as soon as possible.

I would hold off on further college until you are at a regional airline. You will have a lot more time to focus on your studies then.


Thank you for the reply Chris,
The school that I am at now is considered accelerated. I’m flying 6-7 days a week when weather allows, and they can take me all the way through instructing. I had two options for flight schools in my area, one of them being a 2 year college for an associates degree, with me already having two I figured to not go that route(although I do miss out on the restricted ATP).