Have a Few Questions About Time?

Sorry for the questions these past days. About to start college hopefully for the last semester and trying to get my questions answer before I start. Once I finish ATP those credits will transfer and I’ll have my 2 year degree in aviation management. With that being said does that required flight time of 1500 go to 1250? Also I’ll be 22 when I finish ATP. I will still be able to fly for regional carriers?

Headsets. Going to buy the Bose headset. Besides ATP will I use them anywhere else?



You will not be eligible for the reduction to 1,250 hours as you are not doing your flight training through a university that is approved for that program.

Being 22 should not be an issue at all for flying for the regionals.

You will likely use the headsets in whatever regional jet you end up flying, but most likely not use them at the majors. In other words, you will get several years worth of use out of them.