iPad Pro 11 inch in ATP’s Planes

Has anybody used the iPad Pro 11 in any of ATP’s planes? What was your experience, and did how did you mount it? I ask because I already have one that is cellular and would like to save some money. Thanks!

Ya I use the iPad Pro 11 inch and it works just fine. I don’t actually use a knee board or mount or anything tho but either a kneeboard or yoke mount would work

Thank you for replying. I think I would like a mount, so I’ll look into a yoke mount. Do you think if I mounted it from the bottom side of the yoke it would stay out of the way of the instruments?

Ya, I believe that’s how one of my friends mounts his. Clips it to the bottom and brings it in front and he loves it that way

Awesome! I appreciate the help, man.

I started training with the 11 inch pro and while it was fine for the PPL stage I did not like it for instrument as I was always looking down at my lap to read approach plates which is very disorienting under foggles. I switched to a current gen mini with a Pivot case and window mount so that it could be in my field of view without moving my head. Made a world of difference and I wouldn’t go back.

If you already have one, it’ll work fine. If you’re looking to buy one, stick to a mini. I downsized my regular iPad to a mini after finishing training because its somewhat cumbersome on your lap if you fly planes with yokes. Yoke tended to hit it from time to time and I had to turn it sideways which became old quick.


Do you think the 11 could fit using a window mount and not be too in the way? Thanks for the reply!

I personally think the 11" would be too big to stick to the window of an Archer/Seminole.

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I started with a mini in my instrument phase and it was too small for me. I got the 11 and it just sits on my legs. I’m a bigger guy so I like the freedom to let it float around. Couple that with a bigger screen for studies.

Thanks for responding, Chad! Have you seen others use a yoke mount with the 11? Also, do you think it would fit comfortably there? I’m not a large individual and I’m worried it would hit my leg.

I yoke mount a 10.5 in the 172. I think they’re very similar dimensions so the 11 should work too.

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