Kings School

I know many on here love their content and I will agree. I had originally signed up for another ground school, but then had someone give me some older DVDS of kings and I must say it has helped so much more with learning the information. I’m curious how often the content is updated as these DVDS have to be at least 10 to 15 years old. I’m curious if there is any benefit to buying the new content or if it’s basically the same information although I’m also aware I’ll need to purchase a key to be able to get a certification to take the written.

I started the program last August. When I’ve logged in periodically to review videos there have been a few update notifications just over these past few months. Ten years is a while, I’m sure there’ve been quite a few changes.
It should work for the basic stuff though, but the quiz questions would be out of date, plus some other things possibly.


The DVDs will help get you by on some of the foundational knowledge but when it comes to preparing you for the written exam, you should invest in one of the prep ware apps. Sportys and ASA have good ones available in the App Store. Those will have the most current database of FAA questions.

If you have a start date with ATP, you will be given access to the King Schools Private Pilot Ground School course when you receive your box of materials.



I would not use a program that is ten years old. While some things have remained the same, much has changed.

As Hannah said, ATP will provide all of this to you once you enroll. If you are not training with ATP, I would invest in an updated course.