Hey, guys! I’m relatively new here and this is my first question.

I would like to know if anyone has strabismus (poor eye muscle control), or know of anyone that passed their medicals with this condition?

I have 20-20 vison (without glasses), no problems with depth precession, and no double vison. The only issue I have is when I turn my head because my left eye moves slower than my right (due to the poor muscle control) and it causes me to go cross eyed for a short second.

I know that you guys aren’t medical examiners, but what would you recommend I do prior to starting my flight training? I really don’t want to spend a bunch of money to find out that it’s an issue. That seems like a poor life choice.

Anyway, thanks a lot for all you guys do! Answering our questions really does mean a lot.

Cheers, Tyler.


I have never heard of a pilot with that condition, but that doesn’t mean much as pilots tend not to talk about their medical issues.

I would suggest that you obtain a first class medical before commencing any flight training. That is the only real way to have your question answered.


Okay, that’s what I was thinking too.

Thank you so much!

Hello @Tyler16 (or anyone who would be able to address this question or pilots who know other pilots with similar issue),

Can you mention what was the result of your medical examination with your condition? I have the same condition as you - 20/20 vision with glasses, strabismus (poor muscle control or crossed-eye) which has been treated when I was a child, no double vision.



You will really need to go in for a medical exam to get these questions answered. Everybody’s medical situation is different, so nobody other than an AME will be able to answer your questions.


Thank you @Chris for your reply,

Yes, I understand - I just thought that someone may have encountered similar medical condition and could share their experience with examination.