2 years in college!

Hello, I’m a Senior, 17 yrs and will start in college in the next month. I know the best look for airlines is to have a Bachelor’s degree from college. My question is is it a good idea to only do a 2 -year degree so I save time , or it just means that I won’t be hired by some major airlines as they could be looking for a 4- year degree?. Do you know the chances of getting hired by a major airline with only a 2- year degree?
Thank you all!!!


I’m sorry for this post the content doesn’t match the topic!! y should be posting this on the Airlines pilot question section.


A two year degree will not be sufficient for any major airline, all of them will want to see a four year degree.



Your chances of getting hired by a major with a 2 year degree are slim. It’s possible, but your flight experience would need to be exceptional.

Postponing your 4-year degree is a personal decision. Since you’re so young, you will be fine either way. 2 years isn’t going to make or break you.



Thanks for the kind and helpful information!!.. I will do the 4- year degree and then start flight training, by the time I will be 22. Two more years in ATP and hopefully will be a commercial pilot and will have the opportunity to build my hours as a CFI at ATP. Looks like a good plan to me, lets bet for it!!

Again, Much THANKS!!

Anytime. Let us know how else we can help you.

I know that this forum is only for US pilots but I wonder if you know whether european airlines also require 4-year degree?


You will have to reach out to resources in Europe, I really am not familiar with their hiring practices.