Age requirement for Regional Airline

Hi, I am currently 17, 18 on December 31st. I have already graduated high school and plan to be done with my general Ed before the average student finishes high school. I am currently reading Pilots handbook of aeronautical knowledge and gleim faa test prep and am hopefully going to take written test before my birthday, if all goes well I plan to be an instructor and soon later after 1500 hours are accumulated to transfer to a regional airline. And from their move on. I was wondering if anyone knew if the age to be a regional airline was still 21? If so, awesome, as well as if you only need an associate for regional?, I understand a bachelors is needed for major airlines but I hope to continue my school part time as being an instructor and regional airline pilot. Any tips or suggestion would be awesome as well! Thanks!!!

I forgot to mention I of course know that after my written, ground school and flight school is needed and the steps to become the CFI

I don’t know if the age requirement is still 21 but on the FAQ it says that you don’t need an associate’s degree to get hired at a regional. Hope this helps!


At 21 you are eligible for an R-ATP and can be hired at a Regional.



I read through your post and what I did not see was any mention of actual flight training. Have you started that yet and if so, how is that going?