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Atlas Air

Does anyone know the current competitive qualifications for Atlas Air? Do they require similar hours that a major airline require? I see their basic requirements, but didn’t know if you can get on with only 500 turbine hours.

Reason I ask, I’m familiar with the schedule, and I don’t have a problem with it. I would like to fly for Atlas and make it a career. In my situation, the pros outweigh the cons with Atlas.

Any other tips on getting a spot with them?


I have a number of friends who fly for Atlas. Great company provided you’re flexible with your schedule. While Atlas lists their mins at 1500TT and 500 Turbine, these are really so they can suck up military guys which the airline loves. Not saying you shouldn’t apply when you meet those mins, but from what I’ve been told (2 of my friends are in the Training Dept and hiring) it takes quite a bit more. None of them got a call before they had over a 1000 turbine PIC time and all were Regional Capts. One friend, who actually just got hired last month, starting applying in 2012 as a Regional Capt, and applied every year until he finally got the call. As for tips they’re VERY BIG on internal recommendations if you know anyone.


Awesome…my best friends dad has flown for Atlas for years. He said he would be more than happy to recommend me when I get the time needed, so hopefully that helps. He’s been a Captain for quite a while. That question was the only one I forgot to ask, and he recently left on a trip so I didn’t want to bother him with it at the moment. Thanks, Adam!

No worries Scott,

If your goal is Atlas you need to make your best friend’s dad YOUR new best friend. When you start getting close time wise see if you can meet him in MIA when he’s there for training for a tour and introductions. Senior CA rec is gold around there.


Sounds like a plan…thank you!!!