ATP and the Price Tag

Hey everyone,

I am currently looking into flight schools and I’m stuck between Phoenix East and ATP, both in Daytona Beach, FL .he price tag on ATP all said and done is 91k, that is with the $800 living expenses, Gear and exams. I’m trying to get a student’s view who has maybe stated paying this back. Is it a challenge every month paying this back and being able to keep up a semi-decent quality of life? Any advice in the area of finances would be appreciated.


Of course it is a bit of a challenge to pay off such a large loan, but it is certainly doable and many people before you have done so. Think about this though, the banks would not be willing to issue these loans if they did not think that they would be repaid.

Keep in mind that the Tuition Assistance program can really help with loan repayment, up to $500 per month.