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ATP equipment

ATP has an option to cover all of your equipment, just makes the loan higher. It says on the website that it covers your iPad, headset, etc. So does that mean after you accept the loan that they send you an iPad, headset, etc. along with everything else, or do you have to get all that yourself?

Lastly, does interest start accruing after you accept the loan or on your first day at ATP? how far ahead can you schedule your first class date? I’m hoping to get all written tests done in about 3 months or less.

Anything helps, thanks.

Hi Eric,

Yes, you are able to include funds for the training materials and examiner fees into the loan option with Sallie Mae. We don’t send out the specific materials, but this allows you to have funds to purchase the necessary equipment. Those materials are outlined here: Preparing for your Airline Career Pilot Program / ATP Flight School

Most students will purchase the training materials out of pocket prior to their first day, and will use those allotted funds from the loan as a reimbursement to themselves. The loan will start accruing interest on your first day of training with ATP + you are able to reserve a start date up to 9 months in advance.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to give our admissions department a call at 904-595-7950.



Thanks for the help.