Sallie Mae loan time

Hello, I just got accepted into ATP, did my first class medical and applied for a loan through Sallie Mae. I got approved but haven’t accepted or signed the loan agreement yet. Just making sure I’m doing this right, how long do students normally take out a loan for? Just until they become a CFI or should it be 2 years or so until they get their 1500 hours?

Michelle Savakinus


Most people take out enough to cover training and expenses for the 7mos they’re in training. After that you be getting paid to fly as an instructor and able to cover your expenses. Many also defer the loan payments till they’re at an airline but that’s something you have time to address.


Thank you for the reply Adam!


I would strongly encourage you to call and talk to Kirk in the Admissions Department. He is a great guy and is really the expert at all such things. Kirk will be able to give you the best guidance possible.



Any financial questions we strongly recommend reaching out to ATP’s Finance Department directly as they are trained professionals in the finance field.

For myself, I did a 15-year loan at the fullest amount and paid $25/month on the balance to keep the interest slightly lower, which in return, also helped get me approved.


It’s been so long since I applied for my loan that now I have to call them to look over the repayment options. Things were on hold for a few months while dealing with getting my medical.


Most people get the cost of flight training and some of the typical expenses like the iPad and headset covered by the loan. If you need housing with ATP, that might be added in or up to $2000 a month in living expenses all for the duration of the program. Once you complete the program, the clock starts on repayment. However ATP has flexible loan repayment options. I’ll post the link below:

Pilot Training Loan Repayment / ATP Flight School