ATP Questions Hoping Could be Answered

Hello! I had some questions I was hoping someone could answer.

  1. Is it possible to do ATP and College at the same time

  2. Why is it cheaper to do my local flight school who has a carrier program and why should I choose ATP

  3. What are Legacy Airlines that hire ATP students

  4. Lastly what are the benefits of ATP if like a staff said in a form “Its hard to get into a legacy without a degree”



  1. Yes it is. ATP created the Flex Track specially for that purpose:

  2. While it might appear that way, in most cases its not. Most local flight schools quote unrealistic FAA minimum flight hours. More important most local flight schools simply don’t have the resources to offer the consistency you need to be successful. It’s for that reason the training often takes considerably longer and cost considerably more.

  3. There are ATP grads flying for virtually every Legacy, Major and Regional airline in the country.

  4. As I believe we’ve already told you, college aviation degrees are traditionally very expensive and also don’t offer any backup plan should aviation not work out due to choice or circumstance. ATP has been training pilots for the airlines for over 30 years and has placed literally thousands of pilots with airlines during that time. ATP pioneered airline partnerships and their grads were getting hired with reduced hours long before the pilot shortage. I encourage you to read the forum and visit ATPs website for more benefits.