ATP requirements

I am confused about the ATP requirements. Part 141 says that the course should be at least 40 hours ground school and 25 flight hours (Appendix E). However, Part 61 says I need 30 hours ground training with 10 Sim hours and no flight hours. Which is right? Can I get ATP certification without sim time?

Thanks in advance.


The requirements for the Airline Transport Pilot certificate (ATP) can be found in Part 61.156:
This training must be provided under part 121, 135, 141, or 142 (not part 61).
The training is 30 hours ground, 4 hours fixed base training device, 6 hours full motion sim. This requirement is the same for all training providers.

I saw that on Part 61 but Part 141 Appendix E says that the course should be at least 40 hours ground and 25 flight hours with no sim requirement. I don’t understand the contradiction, am I looking at it wrong?

What is the full regulation you are reading? I can’t find what you are referring to.

Under 3(a) and 4(a)

The training you referenced above is a Certification Course which is not referenced in the requirements for the ATP rating. To obtain the ATP rating a pilot must first complete an approved ATP CTP (Certification Training Program). Although the two courses sound similar they are not. The Certification Course was offered as a prep course for the old ATP rating.

That makes sense. Thanks Danielle