August 2018 Reserve GOOD easy month!

I did well this month on Reserve (sometimes it works, sometimes not).

8/1 OFF
8/2 RESV No Call
8/3 HNL-LIH-HNL (less than an hour of flying)
8/6-8/10 OFF
8/11 RESV No Call
8/16 RESV No Call
8/17 OFF
8/19 RESV No Call
8/20 RESV No Call
8/21 RESV No Call
8/22 RESV No Call
8/23 OFF
8/24 HNL-KOA-HNL-ITO-HNL-OGG-HNL * Hurricane Lane Woohoo! Over Guarantee Pay*
8/26-8/29 OFF
8/30 RESV No Call

While I only had 12 actual days off, I only flew 10 days in the month so I only worked 10 days the whole month with 20 off. Flt time: 33:47 Credit: 80.5hrs NICE!


  1. So when you bid for this schedule, do you just pick which days you want to be on reserve? For example, did you just put in the system you want to be on reserve from 8/19-8/22? Or is there just a way to click reserve for the month?

  2. I see you only flew about 34 hours, but got paid for 80.5. How does pay come into play when you are on reserve? On the days you are on reserve and get no call, is there a set amount you get paid at Hawaiian or what?

  3. While on reserve, you aren’t required to wait at the airport, correct? Do you feel restricted on what you can do on a reserve day? If you live close enough to an airport, you can probably just stay at home while on reserve and then come in if you get a call. I feel like it would be hard to get normal chores done, if you always have to worry about dropping everything and running to the airport. Is this a realistic concern that you have?


  1. You can simply bid a Reserve line and get whatever. In most cases you bid for the days you want off vs the ones you want to work.

  2. At Hawaiian the min daily guarantee is 4:10 and the min days off is 12. So if you take the remaining 18 days and literally don’t fly at all you reach your 75hrs guarantee (4:10 x 18 = 75).

  3. Hawaii (and Hawaiian) are somewhat unique when it comes to Reserve, particularly Interisland flying. You see we have a 2hr call out, we have a very nice locker room with showers, we have ZERO overnights and there’s literally nowhere you can go on the island of Oahu that’s more than 2hrs from the airport. What that means is there is on the days I’m on call I simply make sure I have an ironed shirt and otherwise go about my business. If they call I simply drive to the airport, get dressed than go fly. If I’m home it’s only 20mins so there’s plenty of time to shower. If not I just drive straight to the airport and shower there. I have a waterproof case for my phone so I can even go paddling or whatever. Even when I was on the 330 the only difference was I kept a bag packed. There’s zero concern which is why Reserve actually goes pretty senior at Hawaiian.


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Man you make me want to work for Hawaiian after seeing your schedule Adam haha I like the international cities they fly to, so it seems it would be a good fit for me in the long run.