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Hey guys! I wanted to make a fun post to break up the routine of this forum in a fun way! My idea is about Aviation News and anything interesting relating to the industry.

The last few weeks, I have read the following…

Endeavor proposed a Tentative Agreement (TA) where the bonus would be included in the hourly pay. Min pay right now is $50 if it gets approved. Regardless of the views of the agreement, it’s a major step forward for the regional industry as a whole.

The US Air Force might be recalling 1,000 pilots from retirement due to the pilot shortage there! No one knows of the impact of this yet, but it’ll be interesting to see what happens!

Air Wisconsin is transitioning from AA flying to United flying meaning they’ll need A LOT more pilots to satisfy the contract.

Envoy plans to transfer their CRJ-700 to PSA, the E145/140 to Piedmont (Piedmont are getting rid of their Dash-8s) and keep Envoy as a E175 only carrier.

Any other news are appreciated! Safe flying and tailwind to all!



Those are some interesting stories. Where are you getting these from? I hadn’t heard the news about Endeavor, but you are absolutely correct.

Other than that, it seems to have been a quiet week in the aviation world.



My source for the Endeavor news is the Endeavor forum on APC and Instagram friend who flies for them. It was also published on one of aviation news sites (forgot which one).

The idea is to roll the $10,000 signing bonus into their hour pay raising it to $50/he. By the time the bonus is completely paid out the seniority should still hold them at the same or a slightly higher hourly wage. The pilot group isn’t happy though because they want a flow to Delta since their wholly owned by them. We’ll see what happens!!

This is huge in the regional industry. I’m sure you and Adam would’ve LOVED the pay when you guys spent times in at the regionals!


I can’t speak for Endeavor; however, you are misinformed about Envoy. As a Captain there, I can confirm that the CRJ’s and EMB 145s are not leaving as you suggested. We are basically keeping the aircraft we have plus receiving more E-175 deliveries. Envoy is a great choice for regional airlines with a guaranteed flow to a legacy carrier. American has the most pilots retiring within the next 15 years which translates into the best choice of legacy carriers in terms of seniority for new pilots.


Good info, thank you.


Captain JP,

Thank you for the accurate information. The transfer of the E145 and CRJ are rumors from a few Envoy guys. I appreciate you setting the record straight! Glad to know you’re happy with your airline! AA is a great place to work. I’ll see you there relatively soon!