Is anyone aware of a site or resource that compiles data on the relative seniority of bases across all the airlines (both major and regional, if available)? I recognize that it could change (frequently?) for each airline with events like base closures, aircraft deliveries, route changes, mergers and probably a whole host of other factors, but (a) I imagine that, especially for the majors, the seniority of bases would tend to be fairly consistent and (b) perhaps there is a forum that is collates this kind of info over time as there are changes?



On the airline profiles section of they sometimes list when the most junior Captain was hired, but that is about it. While it might be nice to know, I can’t imagine who would have time, the ability, or the desire to compile all of that information. Also, it wouldn’t do a lot of good because once a pilot is at an airline, they almost always stay there, especially at the major level. So, to know how senior Delta’s JFK base is does not do me any good as I have no intentions of ever leaving United to work for Delta.

Seniority is incredibly nuanced and yes, difficult to track in the sense you are asking about.


Thanks Chris–makes sense that there wouldn’t be very broad appeal for that information. I only ask because as someone who is not yet in the industry and trying to plan a little bit on where it might make sense to buy a house and/or relocate my family given various stages (training, instructing, regional, major, etc.), having that information could potentially be helpful for what it’s worth (recognizing that all could change, of course, and it’s frankly impossible to know what airline you might have the chance to work for). For example, (hypothetically) if bases in New York tend to go junior across the airlines and bases in Florida go senior it could be worth knowing that when trying to plan around the margins.

I know flexibility is maybe a pilot’s best friend and has to carry the day, but it doesn’t hurt to consider everything when you’ve got a family/kids to think about :slight_smile:

I saw a Facebook video on PSA Airlines and they named the bases. Went with the most junior through each to the most senior. If you can find some sort of recruitment video on the airlines your interested in you can probably find the information your looking for. I do t know that the majors are going to have anything like that but it’s possible. Your best bet would probably find the spot that makes you and your family happy and go there. Traveling for work is better than living somewhere you hate. Once you gain seniority you can bid to be closer to home. > Pilot > Seniority has a list of each base on both aircraft and will show the Date of Hire of the most Junior FO & CA at each. Not sure if there is anything that encompasses all airlines though, other than what’s been stated above.

Thanks for the responses!