Becoming an airline pilot with misdemeanor charges

Hello everyone,
I’m currently looking into flight schools or cadet programs to attend. I recently got turned down by the army enlisting as a flight warrant officer because of a paraphernalia charge I got while in high school. It has me thinking that the FAA has some sort of regulations that will prevent me from getting hired on with a major or regional airline because of this class c misdemeanor.
Any input would be greatly appreciated.

That’s too bad if they’re still holding you to something that happened in high school. I hope this doesn’t affect your career. Unfortunately I can’t offer any advice though.


The FAA does not like drugs, neither do the airlines. You will be asked about this when applying for the medical certificate and most likely again by whatever airline you apply to.

The good news is that it was in high school and hopefully you have matured and kept a completely clean record since then.



The first concern would be getting a First Class medical. As Chris said the FAA doesn’t like drug or alcohol charges and you’ll need to provide info on it. Beyond that it becomes a matter of putting as much time between you and the charge and keeping your record squeaky clean. If you can do that and don’t have any other blemishes you should be fine. If not you won’t.