Buying a plane for private - commercial ratings

Hello everyone,
My name is Tucker, I am about to turn 18 and plan on climbing the ranks to commercial pilot as my career. One big question I am still facing in the midst of kick-starting my plan is, which path for flight training do I take?
Obviously ATP and smaller flight schools will be great options, but through the many Allegiant pilots that are coaching me through this journey they recommend buying a cesna and getting an instructor to do training in a plane owned by my mom. I was wondering if the pilots on here had anymore input that would maybe sway my mind or set it in stone.



Your decision but I’d consider a few things. First off airplanes are VERY expensive to maintain AND you’d need an airplane with modern avionics so you can train in ALL the aspect of flight for all the licenses and ratings you’ll need (IFR, GPS, complex, etc). It’s also not that easy to find your own, personal instructor to stay with you for however long this project is going to take. Finally how are you going to obtain the required time you’ll need for the ATP rating? You need a multiengine rating and multi time. Further while you could build the 1500hrs you need in mom’s Cessna I can tell you while the Regionals are hiring like crazy, 1500hrs flying recreationally across the US isn’t going to impress anyone. There’s a reason why ATP had over 500 students hired in the last 12 mos alone and I don’t know a single pilot (and I know plenty) that went with buying a plane and I really don’t think you’ll save much if any? That said again your call.



I think that buying an airplane is just about the worst idea of all time. There are significant, unforeseen costs of buying an airplane that can really add up. Furthermore, you will still need to find a CFI that is willing (and capable) of working with you, which isn’t always so easy. I would really recommend going with a flight school, any flight school, over this route.