Can you join atp if you are less than 18

Can you join atp if you are less than 18?

No, you need to be 18, plus meet ATP’s other criteria.

Thanks for your reply Chris

Is there anything thing that I can do if I’m 17 and looking to become a pilot through ATP? What I’m saying is, since I’m not 18 what can I do to be prepared.?


As Chris said you need to meet ATPs requirements for enrollment. That means you need either 2yr college (or equivalent work experience) OR your Private License. Even if you were 18 you would not be able to enroll.

I recommend you continue your education, get a degree (in anything you like) then after pursue your flight training.



The best thing you can do is to do well in school. Beyond that, I recommend going to college first, then attending a flight school like ATP. You are going to need a college degree for the majors anyways, it just makes sense to get it now while you are still in school mode.