Captain of Foreign Airlines vs Captain of US regional Airlines

Hi mentors,

_ I read an article about many new pilots reach out for outside US market since there some foreigner companies pay better pay rate than US regionals

I have a scenario,
There are two people. They both have gained 1500 hours, one got a job at a foreigner Airlines. The other got a job at regional airlines in US. Both start building their hours and gaining experience and upgrade to captain. The first one then decide to go back to US market looking for to work at US major Airlines, so does the second one. Will they be looked at differently When they apply for a same position? ( The recruiter prefer the one who has been working US more? )


I think that how a recruiter looks at a pilot has a lot to do with their experience and qualifications and to a much lessor extent where they fly. A pilot with heavy jet time is always often to trump a pilot with small airplane time. That being said, captain time on an RJ is more valuable than FO time on a heavy. It really just depends on the quality of your flight time and experience and of course how well you interview.



Couple of things. While yes there are many foreign carriers reaching out to US pilots due to the shortage (particularly in Asia where they’re expanding rapidly), they’re generally looking for pilots who are already typed and have experience in the aircraft they fly (ie Regional Capts or those with experience in larger aircraft). What I’m saying is if you’re looking for an entry level position at a foreign carrier vs a US Regional I don’t think you’ll have as much success. While there are foreign carriers who will hire entry level pilots I think you’ll find the pay is not much better.


The reason I asked because Vietnam airline orders 100 B737s and will be delivered 2020-2023. I have a thought about going back there as I read this article since the Vietnam marketing is expanding quickly. Thank for your quick responses. It makes sense.