College degree requirements

Does anyone have insight on the College Degree requirement with Major Airlines? Anyone mange to work for a major airline without a Bachelors or other degree? I’ll certainly do what’s necessary but I have a successful career and have never had more than a GED. Is this really a hardline that I must get a Bachelor’s? If so, are there degrees preferred over others? I don’t mean to sound lazy but starting flight school at 38 years old with a family I’m not looking to do more school than necessary. Thanks for your insights.


This question has been covered extensively. Please visit the FAQ section. Frequently Asked Questions - Airline Pilot Life



The legacy major airlines such as Delta, United, American, etc absolutely require a four year degree. Other, smaller majors such as Sun Country, Spirit, Frontier, etc will have a less stringent requirement for such. The regionals do not require a degree.


Any degree from a reputable and accredited college would work. It doesn’t need to be in any specific field but I’d get it in something you’re interested in and something that would provide you some job security in case of future furloughs.
Regionals don’t require a degree and you wouldn’t be the first one to stay there for a whole career. You’d be limited on career earnings and you would be working harder than the average pilot at the majors but for some its still a job flying airplanes for living… The low cost carriers are not as strict with the college degree requirements so you could explore there. Call a recruiter and see what their thoughts are on it. Lastly there is the flow program with American. Its been rumored you can slide through to American without having a degree with the flow since there is no final interview once your number is pulled. It’s a risky plan to wait and bank on but that’s your decision.

Very helpful. Thank you