Corrective lenses - Transitions


Any pilots here using Transition lenses to fly?

I currently have brown “Signature” Transitions, which go clear in low light. Flying the other day, the sun was super bright & my current lenses didn’t comfortably cut it. Thinking of switching to Graphite Green, possibly the “Xtractive”. ( )

Any insight? (I’ll make sure to stay away from polarization.)


Trying Transitions Xtractive would be my next recommendation. I don’t know how different aircraft windshields are than cars, as I would imagine they might block more radiation, which could still keep them from fully activating, but they should (?) get darker than regular Transitions (Signature VII). You are correct though, stay away from Transitions Vantage as they also polarize as they darken.

Hope that helps!

Mardee O’Donnell, OD


Are you speaking of lenses that are actually tinted green? If so, I would stay away from that as it might impact your ability to read various aviation charts.


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@Chris is right @pdlm. Stick with gray Transitions. That way it will only dim the light and not change colors of things…

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@chris Yes, green tint for better (supposedly) contrast. Help me understand - if green tinted lenses would interfere with reading aviation charts, how is it that the aviation flashlight has a green filter?


The aviation flashlights having tinted lenses is rather passe. The FAA now recommends judicially using white light because of the problems caused by colored flashlights.


@chris good to know, thanks!