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Couple of Questionss

I have a couple questions! Sorry if you answered a lot of these I looked but couldn’t find

  1. How does switching to a bigger aircraft work? (EX. 737 to 777)
  2. Will I ever have a flight that is out of my hub? (I’m in ORD will I ever have to travel to DFW without a flight to DFW)
  3. How does the bidding work?


  1. Switching to larger airplanes involves going through a training cycle, just like the smaller airplanes do. Of course, one has to have the seniority to be able to hold the larger airplanes and that can take many years.

  2. I am not sure what you are asking her, but you will fly flights all over the system. If the airline needs to get you to someplace else, they will provide transportation.

  3. Bidding is incredibly complex, but suffice it to say that it all works off of seniority and that the more senior pilots get to fly the better airplanes, the better routes and have a better choice of days off.