Ever tired or bored?

Does the extended time in the cockpit, especially on longer trips, ever get tiring? Do any of you ever feel a little bored or is your time fairly filled up there?


While there’s usually things to do (fuel scores, plotting, etc) I have to admit as of late I do get a little bored on the mid length flights. You see on the short flights (5-6hrs) I’m pretty occupied and on the REALLY long flights (10-13hrs) we get a nice long rest break where we can sleep or watch movies in First Class and we spend more time over land making radio calls. But those mid-length (7-9hrs) we still get a break but it’s short so you spend a bit more time locked up front and the bulk of the flight is over the ocean. Hard to complain because I’m getting paid well to fly a really nice airplane but that’s one of the reasons I’m changing airplanes and going back to InterIsland flying. Time passes much quicker.