FAA Wings Program

Good morning guys!

I just finished my last final exam ever, and I’m already looking for something to do. I’ve heard that the wings program looks good for your resume (in a similar way to getting the AGI,IGI, etc), and everything in life tells you to continue your education forever. The only one I’ve ever done was the Washington DC SFRA one. My question regarding this program is what does one have to do to go from start to finish of the program and get the shiny little pins and the Certificates?


Anything you can stick on your resume can’t hurt and I was an active WINGS participant back in the day. Thing is there is no “start to finish” as the basic premise of the program is “a good pilot is always learning” (kinda like your continue your education for ever. There are a wide variety of courses available from online to seminars to flying events. Each course earns you credits, credits complete phases and phases complete levels. You get certificates all along the way but it’s the phases that earn you shiny wings. Here’s a link to get you going (https://www.faasafety.gov/WINGS/pub/learn_more.aspx). The cool thing is once you sign up you’ll get emails about events in your area but there’s a bunch of online stuff you can do right away.


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Congratulations on finishing the exam.

Not to rain on your parade, but you still have the ATP written ahead of you and numerous airline exams. The fun never stops :slight_smile:


The ATP written shouldn’t be too bad compared to what I just did… it was a 4 hour final that I still didn’t finish. :joy::joy::joy:. I look forward to tests I’m interested in, and I’m not very interested in Automatic Control Systems (as long as the autopilot works). :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



I used to be very active with the wings program when I was flight instructing. I would actively search for meetings in the area and I would bring my students along as well.

Lately (or ever since I stopped instructing) I haven’t been active with wings at all which is not good because as an airline pilot you barely have any contact with the general aviation community and the wings meeting are great at maintaining that.


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West Virginia has exactly zero of those. I can’t wait to get to Tampa so I can go to a few!

I’ll tag along!