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Fast Track to Flex track

Just approved for Sallie Mae, aiming to begin the Fast Track program in October, coming in with a PPL from a 141 school. Question: if I have some sort of life changing event, would ATP permit me to go from fast track to flex track?


I believe they would, but you would of course have to pay the increased program cost. I have asked Addison, our admin representative to chime in on this.


Hi David,

You can switch from Flex Track to Fast Track or vice versa if needed while training. Since there is a slight cost difference between the two different programs, I have included an attachment that details costs associated when switching from one program to the other.

Hope this helps!


I am currently in the Flex Track program and would say stick with the fast track. It has actually been pretty hard to focus on the studying needed to be successful. Balancing trying to maintain a house, flight training, personal relationships, and work is tough. If you are able try to avoid any life changing events. Stay focused on your end goal. Unless that life changing event is a child. I am sure ATP would understand if you needed to be there for a birth or something like that. Just my opinion.


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