Finance Struggles

Hello! I am in the process of trying to make my way to ATP but continue to run into roadblocks with the financing portion and I am wondering if anyone on here knows of other resources for financing besides Sallie Mae and Meritize. I unfortunately do not have many options for co signers and I myself was told I do not have a long enough history of credit. I am about to apply for a lower amount but will still need to figure out the rest so again just looking to see if anyone else on here has overcome similar obstacles! Thank you :slight_smile:


ATP Admin have a finance department you can call and talk to about options.
I paid 1/2 cash and 1/2 loan in 2017 but I forget if I needed to show proof of available funds prior to start date (basically show I actually had the cash).
Almost everyone needs a co-signer for these loans because they are unsecured for a large amount of money.

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Thank you so much for the response!


Besides calling Kirk at ATP to ask about loan application strategies, all I can say is that usually this is just a matter of building good credit and saving. Unless you can find a co-signer in the meantime, there is not much else I can suggest, unfortunately.



You can also ask about the TSS transition position as well. After two years of work experience, you can secure a loan with a fixed low rate and begin the program as a full time student. It is highly competitive but worth applying for.



As the others have mentioned, securing the loan can be bit of a stress. If you don’t have a “good” enough credit nor cash in the bank, lenders will typically want some sort of co-signor. Hannah mentioned one of ATP’s newest programs which was established earlier this year which is a great opportunity for those that need a little more time.