Financing Loan Denied

Good afternoon. I recently did the application for Sallie Mae so that I can attend ATP. I contacted them today and they told me that I was not approved for the loan unfortunately. I do not have any additional cosigners. I was just wondering what are my options at this point? Thank you


That’s unfortunate. Your best option is to contact Kirk in finance at ATP admin. That said you need to understand these loans are unsecured and you’re asking the bank to loan a considerable amount of money with nothing to back it so they’re looking for a very solid credit history.

Short of a good co-signer, it may mean taking some time, building your credit and saving some money to borrow a lessor amount.



Check this thread out. Maybe this could be an option for you:



ATP also partners with Meritize for financing. Before applying, I’d recommend contacting ATP finance to discuss the best option for you!