Financing and ATP

Hello everyone, I currently have bills that will come out to 1400$ a month. I’m 22 and really do want to become a pilot. I have a few questions, would you recommend me waiting to do ATP for about 6 months so I can save up to about 15-16k? Also I know that they don’t do housing in Las Vegas my commute wouldn’t be to bad but I was wondering if that would be any issue whatsoever? Thank you!


The question is what will the extra $15-16k do for you and is it worth sacrificing
$200k in future potential earning?

As for commuting what do you consider “not bad”? If it’s more than 30-45min it could be an issue.


The commuting would be around 20-30 min. Just depending on traffic. And the extra 15-16k would just be an insurance for me and something I know I have while going through ATP.


I do not see a thirty minute commute being an issue at all. As for finances, that is a number you will need to decide on in regards to what your comfort level is.



You could always request an additional $2000 stipend per month on your loan to help supplement living costs while going through the program. Obviously taking out a big loan isn’t ideal, but waiting isn’t either.



Providers like Sallie Mae offer additional stipends, with a review of your student and loan application with ATP. I chose the $800/mo. living expense and utilized a tight budget that allowed me to make the $25/mo. payments for a fixed rate. Everyone’s financial case is different, and I recommend reaching out to a qualified/certified individual, either ATP’s Finance Department or your own financial advisor.

If you’re drive time is 30-minutes, that is doable and if you received a call that you could be flying later in the day, make the drive.