Future Airline Pilot Career

Hello every one.

I appreciate your comments and time committed to respond the questions from us, specially for those like me who are starting to navigate this world.

I would like advice from the experts. I am 29 years old. Almost turning 30 next march. I have always wanted to become an Airline Pilot but for one or another reason I have always postponed it but now I want to make it my career and take action.
I am considering doing my training as a commercial pilot in south america and then convalidate here, (for funding reasons). My biggest concert is the following.

Once I obtain my commercial pilot licence and I move back to the states, would a flight academic hire me as a flight instructor if I do my certification as a flight instructor in the United States?

I read somewhere that even if you have a commercial licence the FAA will only grant PPL?

Well, I guess before that question is answer I would like to know whether my hours flown outside of the US can be added to my flight hours log to get credit toward the 1,500 hours needed to move to a regional?

I really appreciate and thank to whoever can answer my questions. We will go from there.

Thank you again!


I know the conversion for EASA licenses to FAA is fairly simple but I recommend you contact the FAA for information converting a South American license (I’m sure it’s doable). The pilot shortage has hit most every facet of this industry so I’m also reasonably sure you could get a job instructing in the US (provided you have the licenses and are a citizen or permanent resident). Your hours are your hours regardless of where they were flown as long as they can be verified. Again I’d contact the FAA first and see what’s involved in the conversion and if it’s worth doing.