Gi Bill BAH

Quick question. If I use my GI Bill for training at ATP, will I get housing allowance?

I don’t think ATP accepts the GI Bill since they are not a Part 141 flight school. I’ve heard you can get some examiner fees reimbursed but that’s about it.


Neil is correct. Only Part 141 schools accept the GI Bill and ATP is not. Further the GI Bill only release a certain amount of funds each year. That means while you could be done with training at ATP in only 9mos, if you used the Bill it could take 3-4yrs. The money lost and loss of seniority over that time would make me consider using the Bill for a degree later and taking a loan for ATP.


I used my GI Bill (Ch 33) to get my degree and didn’t have to pay a cent. As Adam said, the GI Bill (Ch 33/ Post 9/11) caps out each year around ~$23,500 with 100% eligibility.

With this said you’ll have to take the loan for ATP. With all the tuition assistance offered through the ACP, that’ll help tremendously. You’ll have the peace of mind not having to take federal loans while completing your degree, and you get to fly in the process and get paid.