Hearing loss

Hello everyone,
Finally I saved my money to get courses and I just wanted to make sure about my healt condition. I have passed class 1 medical examination but I realized that I have hearing loss at 3k hz 50 db and 40db at 4k hz (both ears) and 35 db at 2k hz (left ear) other frequencies are fine. I just need recommendations to start courses or change my carrier. I always wanted to become a pilot but now I am very upset. During ENT assessments, consultant said it’s not progressive but it can be increase with noise. I don’t know what should I do.
Thank you for advice


Fortunately, there are individuals out there called Aviation Medical Examiners (AMEs) that can help you with this answer, unfortunately on the forum, we are Pilot Mentors, with no medical background. You are going to need to CONSULT with an AME with any medical related question(s). If you have an AME, which if you have a FAA 1st Class Medical, you should have contact information for an AME, if not, below is a link you can find the nearest one to you: