Hearing and the medical

Hi there! I have enjoyed reading this forum for a while now. I am strongly considering enrolling in ATP post undergrad, with one catch.

I was born with severe hearing loss (close to 70% deaf) and I wear hearing aids, but I can hear completely fine with regards to in person conversation and in an aircraft with a headset over them. I’ve heard from a friend who flies 787’s at United that he has worked with pilots with hearing aids, but can this be a deal breaker for getting my medical since my hearing loss is genetic? I am primarily asking if I can have a career in aviation even though I am hard of hearing?

Thanks for the help!



Difficult to say. It will basically come down to whether or not you can get a First Class medical (which I believe you can with a SODA, Statement of Demonstrated Ability). That said none of us on here are medical experts and the FAA deals with things like this on a case by case basis. I recommend you contact an AME (Aviation Medical Examiner) in your area and take it from there.