Housing help in Richmond, VA

Hello! I’m going to possibly be starting with ATP in Richmond around April, I’ve heard the housing isn’t the best through the School and is overpriced especially if you have to share a bedroom. I was thinking maybe sharing an apartment or getting an AirBnB but I don’t know if I could be missing another option…

Is there anyone on here who has experience with the Richmond School and what housing options I should look into? Would anyone want to share an apartment or something? Is there any deals with someone who rents to pilot school students? My Girlfriend was in Oklahoma for a couple months in the FAA Air Traffic Control academy and she got housing through someone who rented out apartments specifically to academy students only. I’m wondering if there could be anything like that in the area.

Thanks guys! Put in your ideas even if you don’t have experience in the Richmond Area specifically as anything could help me out!

Keep in mind that the nice thing about ATP apartments is that they do not require signing a lease.

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I lived in Henrico, VA with a 6 month lease. We have some students live out in Short Pump. I-64 traffic isn’t too bad in the morning. I came in with private. I moved out entirely from that apartment since I’m in CFI school now and the wife got a new job elsewhere. I would recommend getting a month to month or short term depending on what you want. I’m not aware of any pilot school leasing other than ATP. Good luck.

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Thank you, good info!