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I am looking into the student housing that ATP offers, can anyone that used these homes to live in give feedback for me? Positives and negatives? Things like distance, atmosphere and size are what i’m looking for. Thanks for your feedback.


For me the cost of student housing was a bit steep considering that I would have several room mates and little privacy. I decided to go a different route and bought a little 24’ RV for $4K and pay around $350-$400 a month for lot rent and utilites. With it just me by myself I can stay focused on book work. Once you become an instructor the monthly rent for ATP housing goes down considerably. RV living isn’t for everyone but I have everything that I need and will be able to sell this rig for what I paid for it or maybe even more once I am done with it.




1100-1200 sq. ft. 10-15min from training center, fully furnished. I got the
impression that ATP wanted us to be safe and comfortable. If we ever had a
problem, the Housing Coordinator and management were empathetic and quick
to respond.

I lived in student housing for 2 years when I instructed in Sacramento and
Hayward. I was pleased, but read the rest of this post because there are
some things you should know. Please keep in mind, my experience should be
seen as my experience only and should in no way reflect negatively on ATP.
ATP advertises that their housing is “upscale” and I believe that to be
true. Had previous occupants of ATP housing in Sac and Hayward spoken up
sooner, what I experienced could have been avoided.

It’s important to mention that when ATP finds an apartment to lease, they
make decisions based on what they see online (corporate is in
Jacksonville). This is true for airline pilots and hotels too, but back to
my point. If you’re not happy, it is essential to voice your concerns
(within reason). The students aren’t usually the ones to speak up because
they know that it’s only temporary. So, what happens is students come and
go and after a while it’s time for the apartment to get a “face lift.” When
this happens most apartment complexes wait until the end of a lease to hire
handymen to renovate unoccupied units. The problem is that if none of ATP’s
students or instructors say anything, ATP management will assume everything
is fine and keep renewing the leases. So, while the apartment office
manager is hiring handymen to renovate all of their units to keep up with
demand, ATP’s unit gets skipped year after year…because it’s still

As an instructor, I took it upon myself to work directly with the Housing
Coordinator. I was able to get the Sacramento location into a recently
renovated apartment in the same complex. We loved it.

In Hayward, the apartment had gotten so bad that I actually teamed up with
two other instructors. We toured several other options nearby. Our effort,
among other things, actually lead management at ATP to relocate the ENTIRE
training center to Livermore. There was little interruption in students’
programs during the transition by the way. ATP did a good job at handling
the logistics.

Like I said, this should have never happened, but it did. The important
takeaway is that ATP acknowledged our concerns and did something about it
because they genuinely cared.

If you’ve decided on which location you will be attending, I recommend
scheduling a tour of the Training Center. Odds are that someone will be
living in student housing and can fill you in on the current situation and
perhaps show you, if they have time.


I am planning on the Las Vegas location. I’d come in with enough money to pay the housing off probably. I cannot decide whether or not I want to get my own place or stay with people in the school. Thanks for your input guys.


First I am not a social guy and I enjoy my privacy very much. That said I actually feel I benefitted by staying in the student housing. It was a great environment and there were always study groups you could jump in on. There were students ahead of you who could give you a heads up as to what was coming and you in turn could help those behind. I’d be studying and have a question or concern and rather than have to write it down and wait till the morning I could simply shout out “hey does anybody know bla bla bla” and inevitably someone did.


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Thanks Mr Adam,

I like the community feel when it comes to the studying. If I’m going to work with a team during my profession why not get started during school by helpig each other learn. When you stayed in community housing did you have a roommate or did you only share a bathroom?


The housing situation is dynamic as people are in various stages of the program. During my training I went from having a roommate, to my own room, to being the only one in the apt then back to having a roommate. Whichever the situation I found everyone to be respectful of personal space, although that may have been due to my Bronx swagger :slight_smile:


I had a roommate for about half the time. It really didn’t bother me when I had one, he was gone plenty and when he was there we studied together.

In my current apartment in Tampa there is 3 of us in a 3 bedroom / 2 bathroom apartment, so we each have our own room. There are a few new students starting the begining of August so I am assuming we will get another roomate then.

Thank you for your input. I’m leaning towards the ATP housing over getting my own place. It has academic benefits that i cant afford to miss out on. And bronx swagger :joy:

Just curious, do guys and girls share the same apartment?


Yes they do and have been for years. I’m not aware of it ever being an issue.


But bedrooms are not shared with opposite sex, just the apartment.

Okay! Thanks for the quick answer. No big deal, just wanted to know ahead of time. I’m finishing up my senior year in college, so I’ll be talking with ATP the beginning of next year to get things started! Super excited!

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I paid $300/mo


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This is brilliant, thanks for the idea!

I have two questions about the housing. One, are pets allowed (I’m guessing not but no harm in asking) and two, does the school provide a shuttle or are you responsible for transportation?


Welcome to the forum, let’s get right to answering your questions.

  1. Pets are not allowed in the housing.

  2. ATP does not provide transportation to and from housing to training center. However, by talking and making friends with roommates you may be able to carpool occasionally, but with schedules being different one day it will catch up to you and could potentially be in a pinch for a ride; therefore, a car is important during your program.

I hope this helps answer your current questions. Please don’t hesitate to scroll through and check the FAQs. We are here to answer any questions you may have.


I would absolutely recommend that you have your own car. Friends are great, but they might not be so willing to pick you up at midnight when they have a checkride the next day. You will need a car as an instructor and airline pilot as well, so no time like the present to get one.

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Housing being provided is a way to make it more affordable to live near the training center and be around fellow students. These apartments are furnished and have basic cook ware. Food, transportation and other living essentials are on you.

Let us know if we can help with anything else.