Housing? Or an apartment

Hey! I’m sure this has been answered a million times on here, I’m still fairly new. But how does housing work? Does ATP have a housing plan? Or can I add the cost of an apartment I rent onto the loan? I will be attending a school that is far away from family, so I was curious about how I am able to live. Since I’m sure there is no way to work and attend ATP.


You are correct you cannot work during the program. Many of ATPs locations offer housing at very reasonable rates (you’ll have to check your particular location and the availability). You’re also free to get your own housing as well.

How you pay for it is up to you. ATP doesn’t have a housing plan. If need be you can apply for additional funds in your loan



You may want to contact the finance department for details. You can add the cost of ATP housing to your loan (if housing is available at your location). If not, you can opt to add some living expenses in to the cost of your loan but I know it is somewhat limited.


For quick reference: Airline Career Pilot Program Housing / ATP Flight School


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ATP Finance caps your housing expense at $2,000. And that is with asking for the additional funds.

It is the lender that caps the financing, not ATP.