How screwed am I?

Alright guys. Last year, on 12/3 when I was taking lessons for my PPL I had a porpoise incident while I was doing round 2 of solos at a part 61. Walked away with minor bruising and that was it. Plane suffered nose gear collapse and prop strike (maybe some other less extreme but once Airport response arrived, went to medics to check me out.

My question here is, have I proverbially shot myself in the foot with a future career in Aviation? And does this qualify as “FAA Action against you” even though I heard nothing from FAA/NTSB after I sent pictures of my log book and medical as well as a typed statement. Once I paid the flight school their deductible and loss of use fee I didn’t hear from them again either.


I don’t think you’re done but you do need to bust your butt moving forward. When asked if you’ve ever had an accident or incident (which you have) you’ll be answering yes but should be able to explain why and what you learned. If however that were to be combined with checkride failures now you’ve got a red flag waiving in the airline’s faces.

You need to move forward with min strikes as you’re already starting with one.


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This is getting trickier and trickier for me by the day :flushed: first height, now I have this lovely thing on my record too.

I appreciate the help guys


I don’t think this will have a huge impact on your career. You were a student pilot and quite honestly, sometimes these things just happen. You will have to explain it, but your story sounds reasonable to me. Like Adam said, just keep your record as clean as possible moving forward.