I'm 17 and want to become a pilot

Hello all. I’m a 17-year-old in my senior year of high school right now in my last semester. I have decided that flying commercially is the career path that I want to go down. I’ve done some research and spent some time looking around on this form to gather as much info in as little time as possible. I know that the ATP flight school requires 2 years of higher education, or so I’ve read on other questions, and one major question is what degree should I look into then. If I am going to pay for a flight school ( like ATP) after college then what is the point of getting a degree in an Aviation program? Also, College flying programs seem to be drastically overpriced compared to other flight oriented schools, and I know that flying is what I want to do with my life. Another question I have is how to go about becoming a pilot in the quickest possible time. Also if any of the pilots on this form work for a major airline, could you provide me with info on what your day to day life is like and how often you are away from your normal residence.
Thank you for your time and commitment to helping others like me.


Welcome to the forums. Please take some time to check out the FAQ and Schedules sections as all of your questions are answered there. After that, we would be happy to help answer more specific questions.



As Chris said, most of the information can be found in the FAQ section. We have a Schedules section too if you would like to see those.