Interested in becoming an airline pilot

I am 26 years old I have an AA degree and I am about to finish school for my Bachelor’s degree. I want to become and airline pilot. Where do I start? Which schools are the best to get my training from while keeping the costs low as possible? Also, will flight schools guarantee me a job after I finish?


Obviously opinions vary, equally obviously this is ATPs website AND of course I’m a proud and successful ATP grad so I’m thinking you can figure out what my thoughts are. That said my bias is based on my personal research and experience. So to answer your question there is no better, more efficient route to the airlines. While the initial cost may seem high, if you break it down it really isn’t.

As to how you get started before ANYTHING else I strongly suggest you go for an Intro Flight (or 2) and make certain this is what you really want to do.

Finally, while most schools do not, ATP is one of the few that will actually guarantee you an instructor position to build time. One of the many reasons I recommend ATP.