Ipad and ADSB

I was wondering I am looking to buy a new iPad Mini but was wondering should I get the 64gb or should I just get the 256? Also did you find having a sim card helpful? I was also wondering would it be a good idea to get a adsb receiver or is it just not necessary?


Welcome to the forum, this question is very simple: you want to find an iPad that fits your needs, if it’s flying a minimum 64 GB will work. However, you will want to ensure it has cellular capabilities for GPS tracking; you don’t need a cellular plan for it. ATP requires students to have an iPad with cellular capabilities as seen below:

Preparing for your Airline Career Pilot Program / ATP Flight School

I always enjoyed my iPad Mini for flight training, now I have an iPad Air 3 for my company use iPad:



All ATP aircraft have ADS-B In/Out capability and have traffic displays. A large portion of the fleet have Garmin and Lynx transponders that you can connect to via Bluetooth to also display traffic on your iPad.

You might want to hold off on the USB/Bluetooth ADS-B receiver until getting familiar with those features that may be available in your training center’s aircraft.

Situational awareness of traffic is a huge safety factor in today’s busy airspace. It’s great that you’re already thinking about this.



64gb should be enough. I haven’t heard of anyone complaining that it wasn’t enough. But if you want the extra insurance, get more.



The ADSB receiver is not necessary. All of ATP’s fleet has great G500 and G1000s that display traffic. Besides being heads down on the iPad to look makes it harder to see and avoid.