Is college necessary for atp life?


Im go to Aviation High School in New York City and i want to start atp flight school next year instead of going to college. So my question is do regional or major airlines care enough about a college degree? Will not having a bachelors degree be a huge hinder for the pilot life that im wishing for?


First and foremost, these are the requirements for ATP admissions, which can be found directly on the website. You will want to ensure you meet them:

To simply answer your question, the regional airlines do not necessarily require a degree, but it can help you stand out against other candidates. The major airlines don’t require a bachelor’s degree (it’s preferred), but to stand out amongst competitive candidates, it’s recommended to have at least some degree. And what comes to that is choosing a degree that you would enjoy doing if something fell through aviation and you could not fly.

Below I’ve linked a short article from ATP’s website that breaks down the degree question a little more in-depth than my short summary:

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This question gets asked daily. The Regionals don’t require or even desire a degree but the Majors most certainly do. BA/BS degrees are preferred and are listed in virtually every Major airlines competitive minimums.

Is it possible to get hired without one? Possible yes but the odds are against you. To answer your question yes not having a degree will most likely hinder your career.



You should also check the admission requirements for the program. Typically in order to be accepted you need at least two years of work experience or college credit. The program is highly accelerated. That’s why we recommend at least an associates degree before you start. You need a degree anyway to further your career and it will better prepare you for the rigors of the program.