Is my timeline realistic

Hello all. This is my first time posing a question so forgive me if it has been answered several times before. I am 33 and begin my ATP training in Daytona 10/2. The timeline I am planning for (fully understanding nothing is set in stone in this industry) is graduation prior to 34, acceptance to a regional around 36, legacy around 40-42. Does this sound realistic, and is entering the legacies around or slightly after 40 something that is possible/seen as a postive or negative?

Thanks in advance for your response.



First off 40 is average for entering a Major and it won’t be viewed positively or negatively. It’s normal. The only problem I have with your timeline is the time to the Majors. You’re saying 4-6yrs which could happen. You see the training portion and time building is pretty set and as long as you do well you will get hired at a Regional but the Majors can and are less needy and more particular. You could get they in 4, it could be 10, it could be never. Some people have things in their past, some bust checkrides, some have an incident during training or at the Regionals, some don’t interview well, some who knows? Bottomline is you need to with hard and hope for the best. Not only aren’t timelines not set in stone, they aren’t set at all.


Thank you for the quick response and solid info. Much appreciated!