Jan 2023 - Mar 2023 Training Schedule

January was when I started indoc. It was 5 days of basic indoc followed by a CRM class. A couple days off followed by 5 days of ground school and a serious death by power point day about security and hazmat. It was only about 10 days and I went home and had the last week of January off.

February I was off for the first 15 days (some people only had a few days off between indoc and starting the rest of training, some had 2 months off). I came back to MIA about 3 days early to meet up with my sim partner and start pounding out flows and what not. The sim schedule from 2/19 to 3/30 was generally 3 on 2 off. For the 73, Atlas does 10 SITs which is basically a couple hours of ground with an instructor followed by a few hours in the sim (motion off) getting familiar with things (flows, the box, etc) and running various scenarios. After that, you do the oral. Then, you jump into 10 full motion sims, then the checkride.

At some point, Atlas will schedule familiarization flights. I believe they are FAA mandated and you basically are observing the operation from the jumpseat of your fleet for a leg or two. After that, you finish up training with about 4 extra required sims and are officially done with training and can start OE.

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