FlyExclusive->Skywest Training July 2021

July was a bit of a transition. I flew my last trip with FlyExclusive, had two weeks off and then started virtual Indoc with Skywest!

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Already leaving the 135 world? Congrats on SkyWest! A buddy of mine from Great Lakes just received a CJO from them as well.

Thanks for sharing, Hannah! And congrats again on the move to Skywest! Great things ahead.

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@Arthur yes I am! Kinda bitter sweet. I loved my time on the 135 side but I also still felt drawn to the 121 world with my family history. I knew if I were to make the jump, I had to go and be in the front of the hiring wave instead of the back. Plus I can always come back:)
Nice! When’s his anticipated class date? I heard they have classes filled through Feb 2022 already on the interviews conducted up to last month. Crazy!

His class date is for February but he’s on a waiting list if something opens up sooner.

Congrats on making the switch, Hannah. I have a quick question about your training schedule. I start training at OO on 2/1 with ATP-CTP in mid-January. Does the virtual indoc typically start on your “training date” (ie 2/1 according to my CJO) or would it be the week between ATP and the 2/1 start in Denver?

Thanks and congratulations again! Hope to share the flight deck with you one day in the future.

Hey Scott! Sorry for the late reply! I was taking a temporary leave until I finished training and as of tomorrow I’m back to the forum in full capacity!
Anyway, your class date is the start of virtual Indoc. 5 days, a written validation on day 6 then 4-5 days to get all your CBTs done. After that you’re off to your training location for grounds (either Salt Lake City for the CRJ or Denver for the ERJ). Please feel free to reach out at any time if you have more questions! Welcome to the Skywest family!

Hi Hannah! Wondering if you’re going to do an Aug/Sept schedule update. Would love to see what your training footprint looked like. Hope you’re enjoying the CRJ!


Hey Scott!
I actually did a very detailed training post right after I completed my sim training! It’s posted under my biography thread. Hope it helps prepare you for your upcoming class date! :slight_smile:


Should have dug deeper. Thanks for the great write up. Are you on reserve yet or still awaiting IOE?

I’m on IOE now! Should have my line check in the next couple days :slight_smile:

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Good luck (not that you’ll need it)!

Hi Hannah, congrats on the Skywest transition and just read your detailed training post…thanks for sharing. Just curious how you prepared for each phase of the new hire training and any additional advice to share to be successful (eg. # recommended hours of study per day, etc)?

Thank you! Glad you found it helpful. To prepare for Indoc, I refreshed the ATM written study guide prep books. It has a lot of general 121 knowledge you need to know that isn’t airline specific. We received our company EFBs about a week prior to Indoc starting. Once you have it, you can start reading though the Flight Ops Manual (FOM). Indoc primarily covers the FOM and the Op Specs.
Grounds is all about systems knowledge (you will attain from CBTs- computer based training) and the standard operation procedures manual (SOPM). Here you can start practicing flows, memorizing memory items and limitations.
By the time you get to sims you need to have all the profiles and callouts memorized for the takeoff, approaches, etc. At this point, you’re putting it all together.
Study wise, from day one of Indoc until my checkride I studied/in class or sims every day from 7/8am until about 9pm. We had one day off every 6 days and that was used for grocery shopping, rest and catching up on studying. It’s very vigorous but it’s a short period of time to stay focused. The more work you put in along the way, the better off you’ll be. The pace just accelerates and you up the pace to stay with it. However, once you fall behind, it’s incredibly difficult to catch up.

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