Jan 2024 Schedule

January was a fairly simple schedule. 18 days off. When we bid for training, we generally try to bid trips that will over lap our training, thus the trips will drop and be replaced with the training. This avoids having to go to training on days off. I had my PC (proficiency check) on 1/20 and a few days of training before that. I was supposed to fly LAS-CVG on 1/25, but the flight was eventually cancelled due to various diversions of other planes because of all the crappy weather that was occurring throughout the US.

AWRD means an originally scheduled day on was awarded off.

  1. off
  2. off
  3. off
  4. off
  5. off
  6. off
  7. off
  8. off
  9. off
  10. off
  11. off
  12. AWRD
  13. AWRD
  14. Gateway CVG, operate CVG-MHT-CVG (redeye)
  15. Flight ended at 7am, rest of day off
  16. CVG-MIA (DH)
  17. CRM class
  18. Ground school
  19. PC warm-up (1 practice sim before PC)
  20. PC, then DH home MIA-DFW
  21. AWRD
  22. AWRD
  23. AWRD
  24. DFW-LAS (DH)
  25. LAS-CVG, flight ended up cancelling due to wx
  26. layover
  27. LAS-DFW (DH)
  28. AFW-CVG, was able to gateway back home same night
  29. off
  30. off