Jul 2023 Schedule

July was a reserve line. This line continued from June into the beginning of the month. 17 days off not including gateway travel, but I did include the REST day (explained below). I also didn’t include the extended layover at home as this wasn’t a set thing and was unplanned.

This month is a bit interesting. Scheduling originally booked me to operate down to South America around 7/5 to drop a plane off for maintenance. I was able to DH home to DFW for a night, but I wasn’t able to do that flight because I was in the middle of consolidating and Atlas doesn’t let low time crew members do those flights. I ended up getting removed from that flight. I was then supposed to operate flights between 7/6 and 7/11, but I ended up getting displaced (kicked off flights so OE training can happen) for a few of those days which changed my schedule (worked in my favor).

The REST code can be used to augment a required rest segment and basically award a day off. Sort of like AWRD for secondary lines as explained in other topics I’ve posted.

  2. ORD-LAX (DH)
  4. layover
  5. layover
  6. layover
  7. layover
  8. layover
  9. DFW-AUS (DH)
  10. AUS-CVG, then gateway home
  11. REST
  12. off
  13. off
  14. off
  15. off
  16. off (gateway DFW-CVG)
  19. off (gateway home)
  20. off
  21. off
  22. off
  23. off
  24. off
  25. off
  26. off
  27. off
  28. off
  29. off
  30. off
  31. off