Life After ATP

How is life after making it from CFI to regional. As a 20 year old who may be taking on an enormous amount of debt to do this how did you guys manage the loan payments as well as other things like housing, food, car, etc… how long did it take to pay everything off how was your QOL?


Everyone’s story is a bit different.

As for me, I lived at home during the program. I finished the program in 2015. I moved into ATP housing as a CFI. At the time it was offered at a discounted rate. I received Tuition Reimbursement at 900TT, but I recommend signing up sooner (500TT). I made payments on the interest as a CFI. I used a credit card to pay for food. I paid off my credit card every month.

When I got hired at Horizon I stayed in the hotels provided by the company. After training, I rented a room 5 min from SEA airport for $600/mo. After about 5 months of that I had paid off all of my credit card debt (from living expenses) and I moved south to Tacoma where I rented a room for $450/mo. Then I got my own place in Tacoma for $1100/mo.

I refinanced my loan with the help of family and now I will have the loan paid off in the next 5 years.

I met my fiancée in 2018. Our lease at our current apartment ends in June 30. We’re looking at buying a house in WA. We’re first time home buyers, but our credit scores are 750+, and we’ll be able to put at least 5% down.

Life was hard for those years, but those years are behind me and I am grateful that I had help.



That’s great to hear! How did you do the refinancing? That’s something that I would almost 100% try to utilize if I go into the program. Do you think I’ll be able to survive in the beginning with almost 1600/month in total obligations not including housing (loans, car note/insurance, etc)?


Don’t forget the availability of $500mo for Tuition Reimbursement.



Hard to say. Can you? I lived off of a $2k/mo budget and that included all expenses minus loan payments.



I lived at home while I was a CFI, which really helped. Things were tight, but it didn’t last forever and I was able to survive. My loan was for 15 years, but I managed to pay it off in ten.


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