Living away from base airport

How much of hassle is it to live away from the city/airport you are based out of?


There have been multiple times this has been discussed throughout different topics on this website. Check out the link below that has some different details on commuting.

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Here is another link I found that may help you out some in determining how much of a hassle is it is to live away from your base.

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Check out those links because they have a lot of good information in them. The short answer is that it is a huge hassle to live out of base. I have been doing it for years because of my children, I wouldn’t recommend it unless you absolutely have to.



That really depends on how “much” away are you talking? I live and am based in HNL and it’s a 20min drive to work for me. We have pilots who live on the outer islands which means a 30min plane ride. Fortunately there are flights every 1.5hrs so while they’re not living in base still no big deal. Then we have people who live on the West Coast. Now it’s a 5-6hr plane ride and since the flights are only at certain times of day that may mean coming in a day early or going home a day late. We then have pilots who commute from the East Coast. 12hrs of flying and sometimes multiple flights and if they don’t leave early they might not make it.

Very open question. The short answer is it depends and living in base is ALWAYS preferable.


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