Loan distribution

I am currently looking to make a big transition into the airline pilot program. I currently work 60+ hours/week making enough money to pay the bills. Assuming I get approved for financing and start my training I will not be working anymore. Is the loan that I’m getting going to come directly to me (for training and bills) or does ATP have access to it and pay what’s needed as I go along? I know there’s an option for living cost but how is that distributed if I qualify for a 80K+ loan?

You will set up direct deposit or use a card provided to you (I did direct deposit). Your living expenses and checkride fees will go into your account. ATP handles all of the loan distribution stuff. If you select the option to pay on the loan while in school, you will have to keep up with the payments yourself.

That makes sense. Thank you for your help.


The loan money is dispersed directly to ATP, with the additional stipend money being dispersed directly to you.